General FAQs


+ What is PhotoLions?

The site PhotoLions is designed by photographers for photographers.

PhotoLions is an on-demand photography platform that connects you to nearby photographers. Photographers can fill up the form and create their profile with portfolio.

You can book any kind of photo session now or in advance through site contact form or direct mailing at no cost.

PhotoLions is easy to use, requires no download or mobile apps, and is free. Simply type in your city and select the type of photographer you wish to search for and hit the search button.


+ How are photographers selected to be a part of the PhotoLions community?

Photographers are screened through a multi-step internal and external process for safety and quality control. More importantly, photographers will be rated and reviewed by verified paying customers who contribute to the quality and the overall integrity of the PhotoLions community.

Customers' FAQs


+ How do I get started?


Just Open the PhotoLions site.

Then simply Search, Browse and Review photographers in your area, segmented by 24 categories.

Text, Call or Email the photographers you want to interview for your job.

Hire the photographer that you feel will best serve your photography needs.

+ My photographer has accepted my request, how do I contact him/her? 

You have the ability to communicate with each other via email, phone, or text.


Photographers' FAQs


+ Are there any sign up fees or listing fees? 

On our website there is a one-off symbolic sign up that helps us filter out participants and gather professionals in our community, those who really want to grow and earn on our website. Your sign up fee goes to the development of our website and marketing to attract customers around the world. The registration fee is paid once to stay years onboard. 


We DO NOT get paid on commission. It's free to use the service and communicate directly with photographers.

+ Is my credit card information secured?

Yes! Your credit card information is so secure, that we don't even see it! Since security is such a high priority these days, we decided to work with the best payment gateway around. We linked up with Free Kassa and Pay Pal one of the top payment processors in the world that uses the safest encrypted payment processing system to protect every customer. We do not store your credit card information, it goes direct to Pay Pal 's secure storage in an encrypted form using industry-standard and well-studied encryption methods.


+ How do I get started? 

  • After opening the site you go to the registration form and start application.
  • Select the category of photography where you are specializing. 
  • Download your profile image (square 600x600)
  • Download you portfolio (long edge 800 pixels)
  • Make the payment.
  • Get approval, and sit back and enjoy the benefits of PhotoLions marketing, networking and more business.


+ I’m not a professional but I love taking pictures, can I join PhotoLions as a photographer? 

If you can pass a background check, you love people, and your portfolio is of quality work, you should without a doubt apply. But be aware, the competition is high as majority of our community consists of seasoned professionals. To join the PhotoLions community, simply fill out the registration form and wait for the approval.